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Start your own AM Frequency Radio Station


 InfOspot AM Radio Transmitter System - The Original Talking House®Brand 

 InfOspot is a FCC-certified professional, license-free radio station available for government, nonprofit   and individual applications. It is the most affordable solution for local area broadcasting, offering the   widest latitude in frequency flexibility, audio quality, broadcast content and programming convenience.

Designed to operate under FCC Part 15 Rules, InfOspot is capable of up to 100 milliwatts of power,   yielding a typical range of 1/4 mile when mounted 20 feet above ground. The InfOspot System offers   unprecedented flexibility and affordability when compared to higher powered, licensed systems:

  • No FCC license is required. It is certified under FCC Rules Part 15.219.

  • Any program content may be broadcast, including information, music or commercials.*

  • Any AM frequency 540-1700 kHz may be utilized. The frequency is easily changed using front panel controls.*

  • InfOspot Systems utilize the most trusted, time tested Part 15 Transmitter to generate the broadcast signal.

  • The system’s Range Extender Outdoor Antenna and Tuner may be mounted at any height above the ground, due to the exclusive coaxial Transmitter-to-Antenna linkage.

  • Integral 5-minute / dual message digital voice recorder / player for simplified message creation.

  • Security key prevents unauthorized transmitter control tampering.

For Additional Information Please Contact: Kevin T. Strawder                 (224) 219-5002   email:

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