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About us


Kevin T. Strawder Sr., President and CEO of GMAP Business and Broadcast Network. A few years back I was blessed with a vision, to bring Christians together no matter what congregation they belong to or what denomination they are. I didn’t know how we were going to achieve this but, through much Prayer and Faith GMAP Broadcast Network was formed.  Born & Raised in the city of Waukegan, IL. I attended Broadcast Training at Columbia School of Broadcasting, in Chicago, Illinois and graduated in March of 1987. On Aug. 28, 2011 I was licensed & ordained to the calling of Elder Kevin T. Strawder.
On May 5, 2013 I was officially Elevated To Servant Leader, Pastor Kevin T. Strawder, Thus Beginning our quest to begin our Church Ministry: Pure Faith Outreach Ministries, NDOC  {Non Denominational Online Church}

As I continued to go forth doing the work of the Lord on December 10, 2014 I was Recognized, Received and Accepted  as an official Member of The National Association of Christian Ministers, recertifing my current status, and reassuring me of my responsiblities in ministry.

I am also known for my Radio Broadcasting and personality abilities, Hosting a Variety of Radio TV Programs via The GMAP Broadcast Network ~ We are a “Live” Streaming Radio & Television Broadcast Network providing a Variety of  Programs, Music and Ministries throughout the day.

Our Mission


To provide Christian Entertainment and Services in a unique way through positive programs and activities for youths and adults of all nationalities and denominations, and to produce the #1 Faith Based Motivational / Inspirational Broadcast Network on the Internet, giving all people HOPE, a Hope that will produce FAITH without doubt ~MATTHEW 21:21

We will influence the faithful and non-Christian alike with a positive and powerful message of love for God, self, and others. Striving towards our mission we are focused on reaching out to underprivileged communities and their residents to help develop equal opportunities, increase incomes, labor opportunities, providing information on available services, and meet local, state and global needs.

Our Goal 


To reach out to the lost allowing them a chance to get to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Continue to encourage those that are saved to remain strong in their walk with Christ.

We have created Christian programming and services that will give people Hope and produce Faith. Our programming and services include the following: Radio and TV programs, Sporting Events, Corporate Events, Seminars, Training Services, Mentor/Internships, and Fundraising.

We will use these programs and services to help us address the following topics: Domestic Violence, Drug Rehabilitation, Homelessness, Sexual Abuse, HIV/AIDS/STD Awareness, Teen Runaways & Teen Pregnancy.

The GMAP Broadcast Network prides itself on employing individuals that have a desire to live a Christian life, must have integrity, and have a sense of compassion to help people help themselves.

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